Name Title Department Extension
Dr. Gwile Paul Freeman Superintendent 118
Judy Franklin Secretary to Superintendent 118
Christi Lofton Business Manager Business 150
Lora White Insurance Business 153
Lisa Edwards Accounting Business 155
Karen King Accounting Business 157
Tabitha Gilbert Payroll Business 156
Ramona Spence Adult Education Supervisor Supervisors 121
Linda Edwards Federal Programs Director Federal Programs 125
Loria Hollins Secretary to Federal Programs Federal Programs 114
Tosha Tolbert Secretary to Supervisors Supervisors 116
Evelyn Wilkerson Special Education Supervisor Special Education 111
Secretary to Pupil Appraisal Special Education 108
Karen Hyde Special Education 113
Amy Huff Special Education 112
Judy McClure Special Education 110
Barbara Moseley Child Welfare Supervisor Supervisors 109
Susie Swayze Food Service Supervisor Food Service 149
Eric Chauvin Student Information Systems Supervisors 120
David Freeman IT Director Technology 131
Brian Samuel Maintenance 134
Crownie Harbor Maintenance 134
Ann Lee Receptionist 100