Emergency Information

Emergency Contact Information

For School Closure Information Call 318-744-6103
Catahoula Parish School Board 318-744-5727
Dr. Gwile Paul Freeman 318-744-5263
Catahoula Parish Sheriff 318-744-5411
Jonesville Police Department 318-339-9886

Remember: All Staff and Bus Drivers are alerted by our "Call-Em-All Phone System" during emergency situations. Please provide current information for your phone and cell to your supervisor to ensure you are alerted during school closings and/or emergency situations.

Severe Weather Resources:

Procedure for Severe Weather:

  1. The principal or designee will notify all staff in the school.
  2. Teachers will continue regular classroom activities.
  3. School will dismiss at the normal hour in the regular manner; but drivers will follow regular routes using due caution.
  4. Review school procedures for establishing safe areas.
  1. The principal or designee will receive this warning by way of the radio tuned to the weather channel, a call from the Superintendent or designee, a call from local law enforcement, or the Civil Defense Office.
  2. The principal will inform the staff.
  3. Staff and students will immediately proceed to the area predetermined by the school and assume a protective position to best protect the face and head.
  4. Teachers will take roll and notify the principal or designee if anyone is missing.
  5. The secretary will close all vaults and secure necessary records.
  6. All qualified personnel will render first aid, when necessary.
  7. Staff and students will not return to their classrooms until the principal or designee declares an "all-clear."
The principal or designee will direct all persons as follows:
  • If time permits, take classes to designated area(s).
  • If time does not permit, go to the nearest enclosed hallway (avoiding open corridors, open spaces, outside hallways, and areas with large roof expanse such as the gymnasium, cafeteria, or auditorium).
For the protection of all occupants of the building, it is important that everyone is informed and understands what to do in the event of severe weather or other emergencies that necessitate the school population taking cover. The following take cover procedures should be taught in each class:
  1. Discuss the take cover warning.
  2. Practice the take cover position as listed below. Everyone should bend forward lowering their heads.
  3. Encourage students to remain calm and not to panic if a crisis should take place.
  4. Discuss the "all-clear" code.
  1. Take students to hallway or other approved location. Seat them on the floor in the hall with their backs against the lockers/walls. If necessary, double up against the locker/walls. If there is no time to move the students, have them get on the floor away from glass.
  2. Instruct students to put their heads down against their knees, cover their necks with their hands, and their faces with their arms.

Please note:

For Tornado, Hurricane, or Severe Thunderstorm Watches or Warnings

  1. The superintendent or his designee will decide to close the schools based upon current weather information.
  2. If the schools close early, all procedures for the emergency closing of schools will be in effect

If the weather becomes severe enough during the night or on the weekends to close the schools, all procedures for the emergency closing of schools will be put in effect.